Money Shot Slots

Money Shot is a dynamic slot game with vibrant images and exciting sounds that create a very upbeat play experience. We’ll admit right away that this slot game isn’t for everyone, and we were a bit overwhelmed by its appearance at first, but this slot has the features to make it worth testing. Read on to learn about our experience with the game.

Get Started with a Wager

Money Shot slots offers a good range of wagering options for gamblers that decide to play the slot. It’s possible to bet on between 1 and 20 pay lines at the same time. Each of those lines will hold a wager between $0.01 and $10.00. That gives you a range of $0.01 and $200.00 to work with, which is pretty nice if you ask us.

A Clear Basketball Theme

Money Shot slot has a clear theme of basketball and it’s designed to sort of show off the experience of going to a live basketball game. You’ll see cheerleaders, excited fans, basketball players, the court, jerseys and more all come together to create this dynamic slot game. There’s also music and sound effects that help to breathe additional life into the slot game.

A Huge Fixed Jackpot

Getting five wilds on Money Shot slot is all that it takes to unleash a huge jackpot that can really boost your bankroll. You’ll receive a whopping 10,000 coins from the five wilds, which could be a whole lot of cash if you’re betting big on this slot game. This is certainly a prize that many gamblers are going to try for, and things will be even more interesting if the prize gets unlocked during the free spin round.

Free Spins

Money Shot slots has a free spin round that’s triggered by three or more of the scatter symbols. Get them and you’ll immediately receive 15 free spins, as well as the scatter reward payout. During the 15 free spins that you’ll receive, you will enjoy triple payouts as well. That means you could win a maximum payout of 30,000 coins if you are lucky enough to get the top jackpot during the free spin round.

The Free Throw Bonus

There’s a special bonus game in Money Shot that really plays up the basketball theme of this slot game. The bonus is triggered with two basketball symbols on reels 2 and 4. They need to show up at the same time and you’ll be brought to a lineup of basketball hoops to shoot at. Choose one and hope that the ball sinks down through the hoop. If it does you’ll enjoy a generous payout that multiplies your wager and paylines.