Tiki Lounge Slots

Tiki Lounge Slots
Tiki Lounge is an online video slot game that’s all about relaxing, having a good time and winning some cash along the way. The slot game shows off a range of tiki related symbols and you’ll swear you’re at a laid-back party while playing through the rounds of this game. It offers some cool features, and makes decent prizes available, which is why we decided to do a review of Tiki Lounge. Read through it to learn more.

Bet Big or Small

With Tiki Lounge players are free to bet big or small, depending on what they are most comfortable with and what they want to accomplish. If you want a shot at winning big, consider placing larger wagers, while staying to a low amount is ideal for low stakes gamblers. Bets can be set to a minimum of $0.01 to really extend a smaller bankroll. Bets can also be raised all the way up to $250 per spin, for serious high rollers that aren’t afraid to risk a bit more cash.

Standard Play Wins

In Tiki Lounge the standard wins aren’t huge, but they are decent. The biggest win that you can get during standard play is 5,000 coins and that’s from the Sunglasses symbol. The next highest is the Drink symbol and five of those are worth 2,500 coins. Finally there is the umbrella symbol that’s worth up to 1,000 coins if you get five of them. Those aren’t all the prizes that you can win while playing Tiki Lounge though. There are several additional features that add to the possibilities nicely.

The Girl Symbol

The girl symbol shows up on the first and last reels of the Tiki Lounge slot game. This symbol is the wild of the game and also a 2x multiplier. If you’re lucky enough to get the girl symbol along with one of the higher paying symbols during the standard rounds of the game, you’ll double your win. You can get up to 10,000 coins during standard rounds of the game with help from the girl symbol. The girl symbol is also the key to free spins. Get her on the first and last reels at the same time, and you’ll trigger the free spin round.

Free Spins

With help from the girl symbol you can unlock the free spin round of Tiki Lounge. During the free spin round of the game you’ll enjoy 20 free spins, all with a 2x multiplier on the prizes paid out. The free spins make it even easier to unlock some pretty awesome prizes, and wilds can still double the value of prizes during free spins, giving you a potential 4x multiplier to work with if you are lucky enough.

Big Time Scatter Wins

Scatters are highly lucrative in Tiki Lounge as well, so it’s important to use them to your advantage as much as possible when playing this slot game. It only takes two scatter symbols to receive a payout even though it’s just the same as your wager amount. Three will give you 5x your wager, four gives you 20x your wager and five gives you 200x your wager to work with.

Tiki Lounge is a laid back slot game with some pretty colorful symbols and halfway decent bonus features. There’s a decent amount of money available in the game with a top prize of 20,000 coins or $200,000 possible for the luckiest of high rollers. Everyday players can still enjoy all the different features offered by this slot game though, and there is plenty to look forward to while playing.