Princess Jewels Slots

Princess Jewels is a fun fairy tale themed slot game that has a fair godmother as well as a bunch of different jewels. This unique slot experience offers some cool features, a nice appearance and a few good reasons to give it a try. Read on to learn what those reasons are and if they are good enough for you to give the slot game a test.

Choose Your Wager Amount

There are a total of 9 pay lines in Princess Jewels, and you will be wagering on all of them at the same time. With a minimum wager amount of $0.01 per line, you can risk as little as $0.09 per spin while playing this game and still stretch a smaller bank roll for quite a long time. If you would prefer to risk a bit more money on slots and win a bigger prize you can do so by upping your wager amount all the way up to the limit of $90 per spin. That’s a much more generous wager amount and means that you could unlock the highest payouts that this slot has to offer.

An Excellent Top Payout

While playing Princess Jewels it’s possible tow in as much as 10,000 coins on a single spin. With a maximum coin value of $10.00, that means you could walk away with $100,000 from just one spin of this slot game. That’s something to get very excited about, especially when you consider that it doesn’t cost to much to put all these paylines into play at the same time.

Beautiful Custom Symbols

This slot game shows off a wide variety of beautiful custom symbols to the gamblers that decide to give it a try. There are no card symbols for you to make use of while playing this slot. Instead there are a bunch of different gem stones for you to look at, as well as the Fairy Godmother symbol. You’ll love the way that this slot works, and it’s refreshing after playing through all the other games that have card symbols again and again.

A Cool Wheel Bonus

Princess Jewels prefers to have a very girly theme to everything that it does, and if you manage to get three of the Fairy Godmother symbols you can experience the bonus game feature. During this special bonus round you have a three layer wheel to spin. Each layer of the wheel spins on its own and in the end you end up with three symbols that make up your total prize bonus multiplier. It’s possible to get as much as 15,625 times your coin value if you manage to get three diamond symbols from the wheels, but you’ll likely get a combination of smaller and larger symbols working together.

Princess Jewels is a cool online slot game with some nice features. It offers a good solid top payout from the bonus round and offers gamblers more potential prizes to win as well even if they don’t get into the bonus round of the game. It’s fun and worth trying out if you like the look of the game or you’re looking for something a bit different.