Monte Magic Slots

Monte Magic is a fun classic slot game that’s designed with a magic theme in mind. This slot is clean looking with one single payline available and it’s designed to look like a luxurious classic slot game that doesn’t have too much going on overall.

Wagering Options

Even though this is a classic slot with a single payline, you have some wagering options to work with. You can bet between $0.01 and $30.00 per spin. That’s a good range of bets to work with and it means that you have a lot of flexibility that makes gambling comfortable no matter what bankroll you have to work with.

Good Payouts

It’s possible to win as much as 2400 coins valued at up to $24,000 from this slot game if you place the highest wager and you manage to get three of the wild hat symbols. These symbols are useful for helping you complete other prize payouts as well and for helping you get the most out of your gambling experience overall. If you’re hoping to win as big as possible the hats will be the tool that helps you do so.

Standard Gameplay

This slot offers some standout features that you won’t find on other slot games with this classic design, but that doesn’t mean the slot is complicated or difficult to play. If you’re interested in a simple slot this one would be a perfect fit. There aren’t any special features for you to keep track or worry about. There is a free spin bonus round, but it triggers on its own and you’ll know immediately when it happens. There are wilds, but other than that the game just runs like a standard slot should. You play through round after round and hope that one of the combinations on the pay table above turns up so you can win as much as possible from the game.

Bonus Free Spins

Unlike most other classic slot games, this one offers a free spin round to players that are lucky enough to get the right symbols. Get the bonus symbols out on the reel while placing a 3 coin wager and you’ll trigger a series of free spins to help you win more cash without spending more on Monte Magic. This special bonus round is something that you won’t find on most other classic slot games, and it’s one thing that we really enjoyed about this slot.

Multiplying Wilds

The wilds in this slot game serve a very important purpose of helping to multiply your wins as much as possible. A single wild will help double the prize payout of another symbol if it helps create a winning combination. When you get two wilds and another symbol you’ll quadruple the prize payout of that final symbol. Getting three wilds will reward you with the top jackpot for the slot game, worth 800 coins for every coin that you wagered when placing the initial bet.

Monte Magic is a simple slot game but it’s a classic slot with something extra to offer compared to most other slot games.