Marvelous Marlins Slots

Marvelous Marlins is a slot game that any fisherman should be able to relate to. It shows off a wide variety of sea life, but the only thing that you ever care about are the marlins themselves. They are the trophy that you’re going for, and to unlock this precious payout while playing this slot game you want to get as many of the fish as possible across your various reels.

Each Fish Pays

Unlike most online slot games where you need to get a combination of symbols, you’re looking for single symbols in this slot game. Each marlin that shows on your reels will pay out something depending on where the yare showing up. That means that any marlin showing itself will be a happy moment for you.

Simple Play Style

Since Marvelous Marlins is a classic-styled slot game it’s very simple to play through and a game that most gamblers can understand immediately. All the payouts are clearly listed on the pay table up above and from the moment that you get going with this slot game you’ll have a good idea of what you can expect from it. This is something that many gamblers really seem to love about the slot.

Payouts Change Based on Location

The spot that the marlin shows up on determines how much or how little money you’ll get from that symbol as you play Marvelous Marlins. The top payline is worth the most and will reward you with 9 coins for every coin that you have wagered per marlin that you get. The middle line will give you 3 coins for every marlin that shows up per coin wagered and the final line pays out a single coin per marlin for each coin wagered. That means the biggest win that you can get is 45 coins per marlin, and that’s for top line marlins on a five coin wager.

By focusing on a single symbol Marvelous Marlins becomes an easy slot game that is simple to understand and something that you can start playing fast without having to study too much. You’ll quickly find yourself looking for those special fish above all others and before you know it you’ll be able to tell when you’ve won before the game is even able to let you know. The slot game doesn’t pay out huge prizes, but wins can really add up if you get several fish on one of the more valuable lines while you play.

If you’re after a more unique classic slot experience Marvelous Marlins is an excellent option to consider. Otherwise, there are other classic slots that are more of the traditional style that you’re probably already used to.