Jolly Harbour Slots

Jolly Harbour is a pretty basic online slot game with a good solid top payout. The theme of the game is the ocean and ships and there are just a few different symbols for you to look out for as you play the rounds of this slot game. We weren’t overly impressed with the actual symbols for this slot, because we found them to be a bit too dull overall, but there’s still a few things to like about this slot, and for some people those features will be more than enough to make the game worthwhile.

Basic Paylines

There are just 5 paylines and it’s up to you to choose how many of those you want active with each spin of the reels in this online slot game. With such a low number of pay lines for you to keep track of, you won’t have to spend too much to play this slot, even at the highest wager levels. Gamblers that want to keep things small can wager as little as $0.01 per line with a minimum bet of $0.01 per spin. More serious gamblers are free to turn up the heat and risk more money with a maximum wager of $50.00 across the five lines of this slot game.

It’s Super Simple

For a modern-day video slot game Jolly Harbour is supremely simple to play through. That’s because there are no special features for this slot game at all. In fact, you can go through every single round of this game without having to worry too much about what the different symbols mean at all. Some people will say that the slot is a very dull experience overall, while others will love the simplicity that it offers them. Either way, this slot is perfect for some gamblers to play through.

An Excellent Jackpot

Jolly Harbour is a bit bland at first glance, and it doesn’t have many features to look forward to either, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a game worth trying out. This online slot game is a lot of fun to play through and it offers good solid payouts that you simply can’t get from other slot games. When you play this slot you could win as much as 10,000 credits, which are valued all the way up to $100,000 if you happen to be making a top wager at the time. That’s a whole lot of cash and it’s something to really look forward to when you play Jolly Harbour.

Jolly Harbour isn’t a video slot game that we recommend to everyone, but it’s good for a select group of people. If you really enjoy simple slot games, and want a chance to win big, Jolly Harbour may be a good fit. If you want something a bit more complicated with special prizes and rewards and wilds, then this slot likely won’t cut it.