Island Gold Slots

Island Gold Slots

Island Gold slots is all about tropical living and treasure. The slot game has a host of simple symbols that aren't flashy, bright or overly intricate. The graphics in the game go along with the overall theme of the game as well. Everything is designed to be as simple as possible, and the result is a slot that most gamblers will be comfortable playing. We wanted to give the slot a try despite its lack of features, and we enjoyed what we saw while playing.

Wagering Simplicity

Island Gold is all about keeping things simple and has just 5 paylines overall and a top wager amount of $50 or $10 per line. This is a very reasonable wager amount and it means that you can bet big without risking a huge amount of cash in the process. Low stakes gamblers can wager much less money and still get a lot out of the slot game. With a minimum wager of just $0.01 per coin, it's possible to risk mere pennies while turning the reels, helping to make this slot very cheap.

A Good Top Payout

Island Gold comes with an excellent jackpot payout of up to 10,000 coins. That's a lot of cash no matter what your wager amount, but it can be worth as much as $100,000 if you have your coin value turned all the way up. That's a huge amount of cash, especially when the maximum wager is just $50.00 per spin.

Forget the Features

Island Gold is all about simplicity and it's designed to offer gamblers a slot that doesn't have all the extras that make things confusing. Instead, you get a basic 5 reel slot without wilds, without scatters and without bonuses. To some gamblers Island Gold will sound dreadfully boring, but to others it will sound refreshing. There's something to be said for games that don't cram in too many features, and when you play Island Gold you'll know how the slot works immediately.

Auto Play

Island Gold offers a pretty basic auto play feature that will allow you to play through the rounds without actually pressing spin yourself. With this feature you can easily configure the slot game to go through many spins all on its own. Not only does this make the game more relaxing to play, but it means you can get through a bunch of spins even if you aren't sitting at the reels at all.

Island Gold isn't a good slot for everyone, but it's great for the few gamblers that don't want to deal with too many rules and special features. There's not a lot going on and you can go through round after round without thinking too much. To the right gambler that's a very relaxing experience, and there's a lot of money at stake as well if you are lucky enough to unlock the top jackpot payout while playing.