Haunted Reels Slots

Haunted Reels is the spooky themed classic slot game designed to get you psyched up for Halloween and all that the holiday brings along with it. The slot is a pleasure to play through and comes with more features than expected for a classic slot experience. Read on to learn more about what it has to offer.

Placing a Bet

The most important step for any gambler to take at the beginning of a slot game is placing a wager. Deciding on a wager amount takes time and real consideration and it has very real consequences as well. Choosing a wager that's too large can cost you too much and keep you from playing the slot long enough to win big, and picking an amount that's too small can minimize the prizes that you unlock. In Haunted Reels players can bet all the way up to $30.00 per spin, but if they want a milder wager they can go down to less than $1.00 per spin as well. It's important to choose a wager level that you're comfortable with before starting the slot game, otherwise you could end up spending much more than you want to while playing.

Spooky Fun

Haunted Reels is a spooky fun slot game thanks to all the symbols used in it. The different symbols are based off of Halloween and while turning the reels you'll see witches and candy scrolling by. The slot also has a spooky witch themed backdrop that helps add to the ambience while playing the game.

The Wild Witch

One of the most important symbols in Haunted Reels is the wild witch. This powerful symbol is the wild and also a multiplier as well. Getting one witch with two other symbols will double their value. Getting two witches with another symbol quadruples their value. Getting three of the wild witch symbols will reward you with 800 coins for each coin you have wagered for up to a total of 2,400 coins for the jackpot payout. That's pretty good for a classic slot game and offers a solid bonus for players to look forward to.

The Bonus Payout

Haunted Reels comes with a special bonus round that pays out cash if you're lucky enough to unlock it. As long as you have three coins bet on the reels, it only takes a single Bonus symbol to unlock the bonus round for this slot game.

Haunted Reels is a solid classic slot game with a good theme and decent features. It offers a good betting range, it offers plenty of paying symbols, it comes with wilds and a bonus round and it's all good fun. Players have a lot to like about the game, and that's why we recommend it to classic slot enthusiasts. It's a fun way to celebrate Halloween and offers some payouts that make it worth playing as well. Give it a try, we dare you.