Go For Gold Slots

WGS brings us an Olympic themes sport slots game call Go For Gold. Sports and betting is nothing new to the gambling world but WGS ties perfectly the game of slots with the action and thrill of the Olympics. "Citius, altius, fortius" - which means "Swifter, higher, stronger", is considered the official motto of the Olympics and this slot game can do just that with win totals of 2,400 coins, thats is the equivalent to $24,000. So let's get in the starting gate and Go For Gold.

The Opening Ceremonies: Go For Gold Slots

Go For Gold is a classic format slot game. If you are a beginner in the video slots world of a seasoned veteran, playing this game will be easy, fun and rewarding. Go For Gold is a 3 reel, one payline format that has wilds symbols, offers bonus games and prizes. You can bet up to three coins with a coins value starting at just $0.10 or you can place a bet of the maximum $30 for every spin you make

In the Olympic spirit the symbols are a Trophy, the Olympic Torch, and of course the Gold Medals. Sitting along side of the symbols you find different Bar symbols throughout the game. The look and feel to this game brings a feeling of excitement you would expect to hear and see. From the stadium roar of the crowd cheering you on to the thrill of victory from your wins.

Keep Calm and Go Wild!: Go For Gold Slots

As like many slot games Go For Gold offers Wild symbols that replace other symbols to create winning combinations on your reels. To have a better chance of hitting the jackpot selecting the Max Bet button will get ya closer to that finishing line. Even with one Go For Gold symbol you will be rewarded with a prize and your winnings are doubled. Landing three of the symbols will with a Max Bet bet will instantly win you the jackpot. Landing two Go For Gold symbols will quadruple your winnings.

The Thrill of Victory: Go For Gold Slots

One of the famous images of the Olympics is the Olympic Torch. The Olympic Torch in this game is the bonus symbol of the game. This symbol only appears of the third reel, and again playing the Max Bet and the Torch lands on the third reel you will be advanced to the Bonus Game. If you do advance to the bonus game, you will immediately see the top pay table area change into a bonus screen.

When the Bonus Screen appears you will be presented with nine medals that represent various Olympic sport. You have a total of three chances to take your pick. Once you have chosen your medal it will reveal your prize. If you like what you have been given you can keep the prize and head back to the reels or you can discard and pick another medal. Remember that your third choice is the final prize award and you have to take the bonus prize weather you like it or not.

Go For Gold si a fun and easy slot game to play. With plenty of action to keep you enthralled in the game and great payouts for your hard earned effort. If you want to take it a little easier you can use the Autoplay feature to sit back and watch the games as a spectator. Let the Games Begin!