Coral Reef Slots

Coral Reef Slots
Coral Reef is an online classic slot game with an under the sea kind of theme to it. The game itself has some pretty cool symbols and decent prize payouts as well, but it's the payline setup that makes things interesting and worth trying out. Read on to learn about the unique setup that this slot offers.

Simple Wagering

This multi-line classic slot game makes wagering very simple to do will limiting options a bit. With many classic slot games there are multiple coins that can be wagered on the single pay line and each of those coins will have an assigned value that the player can adjust. In Coral Reef there are multiple paylines, and just a single wager amount that you set with a value dial. Turn it up or down and adjust the total wager amount all with one tool. This gives you just one detail to worry about instead of two, which makes Coral Reef even easier for new gamblers.

The Four Paylines

There are four different paylines in Coral Reef and each of them offers a different payout. Players will be hoping to land prize winning combinations on lines 3 and 4 because they offer the best payouts overall by far. Lines 1 and 2 offer lower payouts that aren't nearly as exciting to win.

Jackpot Wins

There are three different symbols that could all be considered jackpot symbols in Coral Reef. The red 7, the Coral Reef symbol and the golden squid. Both the red 7 and the Coral Reef symbol pay between 100 coins and 2,000 coins depending on the payline that you get it on. The squid symbol pays 500 to 2,000 coins depending on the payline as well. Each of these symbols can be highly lucrative if you are lucky enough to land them on the 4th payline, but if you aren't lucky the golden squid is the best symbol by far because it offers the more lucrative low line payouts.

Coral Reef is a cool little classic slot game because of the four paylines that it uses. This makes things more interesting, but it also makes the game a bit more confusing to understand as well. Players will need to take some time to get familiar with how the payline system works before they start playing the game, or they'll end up with issues that they don't quite understand all the way.