Black Gold Rush Slots

For many people oil is a source of fascination, and for others it's a source of wealth. Either way oil is important and Black Gold Rush is an online video slot game that focuses on this resource. This 50 payline slot game offers some pretty advanced features that we're happy to tell you all about down below. Keep reading to learn more about Black Gold Rush and whether or not it's worth playing.

Beautiful Symbols

One of the most appealing features of Black Gold Rush is the way that the slot game looks. It comes with beautiful and unique symbols that stand out nicely. Anyone interested in the oil industry will be able to appreciate the many different looks that come along with the diverse symbols of this slot game.

Wide Betting Options

With 50 different pay lines to place wagers on, there is a wide range of bets that can be made on this slot game. Players should feel free to place high or low wagers in this slot at a level that they are comfortable with. It takes time deciding on an amount that is comfortable, but it's an important decision that ever gambler must make before trying out the slot game.

Free Spin Feature

Black Gold Rush features a free spin feature that triggers once you get three or more of the tub symbols. This free round gives you increased chances of winning good prizes and creates plenty of free prize opportunities as well, and it triggers pretty commonly while playing.

Bonus Game Play

There's a special bonus game in Black Gold Rush that gets slowly triggered over time. During the game play special bonus symbols show up on the reels to add fuel to the tank. Once the tank fills up entirely the special bonus game starts up, giving you a serious chance to win some good cash prizes. To play the bonus round you simply choose different derricks and hope that you choose the winning one to get coin prizes. As long as you keep choosing the right option the round will continue, but the moment you choose wrong the rounds over and you get all the prize winnings earned so far.

Black Gold Rush is a complex online slot game with features designed to appeal to many different types of slot gamblers. There are decent top prizes to win, there is an entertaining bonus game that breaks up the flow of the game and there are regular payouts thanks to the 50 paylines that are active while playing the slot. For all those reasons, we recommend players at least try out Black Gold Rush.