Admiral's Inn Slots

Admiral's Inn is a clean ship-themed slot game designed to appeal to fans of simple games. The background is a pair of ship masts against the backdrop of the setting sun and it's a pretty attractive looking game, which is exactly what drew us in enough to review the slot game.

Good Symbol Variety

Admiral's Inn has a good variety of symbols to look out for as you play the game. There are steering wheels, anchors, BAR symbols, fish, barrels and more. Each of the symbols has a red outline that gives them a unique look, and they all pretty much fit the ship theme of the game. Each of the different symbols pays out a prize amount to lucky players looking to win, which just makes the game even more exciting to play through.

Big Winning Opportunities

Even tough Admiral's Inn is focused more around regularly winning modest amounts, there are some large prizes to shoot for while playing the reels. The biggest prize that can be won is through the anchor symbols. Get three of them and you could win as much as 1,500 coins overall. In this case it's important to bet three coins with each spin because you'll unlock more coins for the jackpot than you would by playing two or one coins. A single coin jackpot win will net you 300 coins. When wagering two coins you'll be paid out 800 coins as the prize amount and when wagering all three coins you'll get a whopping 1500 coins, five times the one coin win amount.

Good Bet Options

Though low stakes gamblers might not be excited with the options, there are some pretty decent betting options available in Admiral's Inn. Gamblers can wager as little as $2.00 per spin, and as much as $75. Some players would prefer a smaller amount as a minimum for a slot game, but most classic slot players will be very pleased with an upper bet limit of $75.00. That's more than most classic slot games make available.

Using the Autoplay Feature

Admiral's Inn comes with an autoplay feature, making it easy to keep the reels turning even when you get tired of pressing the button. Set the game to spin through 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 250 or all the way up to 500 spins without stopping so that you can try your luck and hopefully get a good win in the process. The autoplay feature also gives the option to stop the spins as soon as a significant win occurs. Players can set win thresholds between $50 and $250 to stop the game.

Admiral's Inn is a simple classic slot that looks really nice. It's not packed with a bunch of features and is very easy to understand, which is what will appeal to some gamblers. If you're looking for huge win opportunities, bonus features, wild symbols, scatters and other advanced features, this slot will feel a bit dull, but for a simple gambling experience with a pleasant looking game Admiral's Inn is an enjoyable experience.