Wheel of Chance 3 Reel Slots

Wheel of Chance is a pretty fun little online slot game themed after the hit TV show Wheel of Fortune. The 3 reel version of this online slot game combines elements of a gameshow, with the simplicity of a classic slot game to create a unique blend that offers some pretty desirable features overall. This slot isn't right for everyone, but you can learn if it's right for you by reading on.

Expected Wagering Options

When playing Wheel of Chance players will receive an expected wagering range for a classic slot game. Every player can put down between one and three coins on the single pay line of the slot. Each of these coins can be valued at a minimum of $0.10 and a maximum of $10.00. That gives players a working range of $0.10 and $30.00 to play within. That's pretty good for most players and enough to keep things interesting for gamblers that like changing up amounts or betting at very specific levels.

Simple to Learn

Wheel of chance is a simple online slot game that any player can hop into and play with confidence. That's because the slot doesn't require gamblers to learn a bunch of different fancy features. There are just three reels, a single line to watch and minimal features to worry about. Things are simple, and that's the way many gamblers prefer them.

The Cherries Offer Frequent Prizes

Thanks to the double cherry symbols that show up in Wheel of Chance, there's a very good chance of winning prize payouts while playing the slot. That's because getting just one of the symbols is enough to get coins. Two or three double cherries also come with a prize, just a more generous one.

Win More with the Wild Diamonds

This slot also comes with diamond symbols that function as wilds and multipliers. A single symbol doubles prize payouts, two multiply prize payouts by four times the amount, and getting three diamonds offers 800 coins for every coin that you are wagering on the payline of the game for a maximum payout of up to 2,400 coins.

The Bonus Round

Wheel of Chance also comes with a special bonus round to make things even more interesting for players. To unlock this special feature the last reel of the slot needs to have the bonus symbol. Once that symbol shows up the bonus feature will trigger and the player can begin trying to unlock one of the top prizes from the special bonus game.

Wheel of Chance has a lot to offer to serious gamblers that are interested in classic slot games. This slot comes with wilds, with multi payout symbols that make winning frequently simple to do, and with a pretty decent jackpot as well. Even with all those features the game is easy to play and accessible for just about anyone.