Royal Carribean Slots

Royal Caribbean is a classic slot themed after early exploration of the oceans, and it’s a pretty unique and cool looking online game. Just looking unique doesn’t make it a good gambling experience though, which is exactly why we spent some time evaluating this slot and all that it has to offer. While this game appears very advanced at first, we were impressed at just how simple the experience is with Royal Caribbean.

Basic Classic Slot Wagering

Royal Caribbean, like many other classic slots has just a single payline. That means that wins are less common than what you can expect from a video slot, it also means that you’ll likely wager less money as well. You can place one to three coins on that single payline, and choose their value. This gives you the option to wager between $0.01 and $10.00 per coin, for a total wager up to $30.00 if you want to bet big, but of course you can stick to lower wagers if you want to maximize your bankroll.

We Recommend Three Coins

The jackpot in this slot game pays out depending on the number of coins that you have wagered, and it doesn’t do so equally. If you get three of the explorer symbols you’ll get 400 coins for a one coin wager, 1,000 coins for a two coin wager, and 1,600 coins for a three coin wager. That means, when wagering three coins, each of those coins is worth more than the coins wagered with lower amounts. You’ll end up walking away with bigger wins over time when you wager three coins, and it makes all the prizes more interesting to win as well.

Decent Jackpot Potential

We already mentioned up above that the jackpot for Royal Caribbean pays out up to 1,600 coins, which is a decent amount of money, but not huge. Even top gamblers risking $30.00 per spin can only get up to $16,000 with a jackpot win. That’s smaller than many other classic slot games that we’ve tried out, even the ones that have the same maximum bet amount. That doesn’t mean that this slot isn’t worth playing, but it’s certainly not the best option out there if you are interested in the biggest jackpot payouts that you can get.


As well as having many different paying symbols that must show up in groups of three, you also have a symbol that sort of serves as a scatter. You only need to get one of the explorer symbols in order to get a payout of between 2 and 6 coins, but it must show up on the central payline. This means that it isn’t a true scatter, but you’ll win many prizes from that one single symbol, so the slot still feels like it has a scatter.

Easy Spinning

To get the most out of Royal Caribbean you’ll want to play through a few dozen rounds at least. This can be tiresome for some gamblers, but there is an auto spin feature built right into the slot itself for players that don’t like to continue pressing the spin button. If that sounds like you, you’ll enjoy this highly functional feature that lets you set spin numbers to go through automatically, and also a jackpot trigger that will stop the spins if you win enough cash.

Royal Caribbean is a cool classic slot with a unique look and well designed symbols. We like many features of the game and how it plays simply, but don’t like the relatively small top jackpot that the game offers. Overall it’s a decent slot worth trying if you like the theme, otherwise there are other classic slots that pay a bit better.