Island Hoppers Slots

Try for the biggest and best jackpot payouts while playing through round after round of a very simple classic slot game with Island Hoppers. This slot game is designed to be as simple as possible with a single payline, minimal symbols and a pretty basic theme as well. From the moment that you start playing this slot you'll be thinking about an old war like World War II, because of the military planes and medals of honor. The slot is nice looking but simple in design, and we really like the overall layout of the game as it's presented.

Wagering Options

With one payline betting options are limited, but you do have some variation to work with when deciding how much you want to wager on this slot game. You're locked into a three coin wager, and the minimum that you can bet when you play Island Hoppers is $.30, while the maximum is $30.00. That's a pretty decent range for most gamblers, and you get to enjoy all the features of the slot game no matter which end of the spectrum you are on. That's a great benefit for gamblers that want to risk a smaller amount of money while playing this slot.

Going for the Jackpot

The Island Hoppers jackpot is worth up to $20,000 if you're wagering the top amount money when you play. In order to qualify for it you need to get three of the medal symbols in the proper orientation. Do that and you'll be rewarded with 2,000 coins and a whole lot of cash. If they are not in the right orientation you won't receive the maximum amount of money from the symbols.

Basic Gameplay

Unlike some of the modern-day classic slot games there aren't many special features on this slot game. Instead you just get a pretty plain and basic slot experience with a set of symbols that doesn't change and a set of combinations that you want to shoot for. It's a bit confusing how the top jackpot symbols work, but other than that you'll pick up the way this slot works nearly instantly and have a lot of fun playing through round after round of it.

Convenience Features

The number one convenience feature that Island Hoppers offers is an Autoplay button. You can very quickly designate the slot to go through a large number of spins automatically. That means that you don't have to press spin over and over again through round after round of the slot game to try and win over time. Instead you can conveniently set the autoplay feature to get going and sit back and relax. The slot also offers Bet One and Bet Max buttons to let you quickly adjust from the highest to the lowest or vice versa to make getting started quicker and easier.

Island Hoppers is a good solid online slot game without too many features. It's simple to play, easy to get started with and it relies on a really nice theme to make it more enjoyable to use. Get started with the game and you'll quickly see that it has a lot to offer.