Gladiator's Gold Slots

Gladiator's Gold Slots

There's something attractive about the Roman Gladiators and the way that they fought fiercely in the arena. That's exactly what Gladiator's Gold is all about. This online slot game is themed after the gladiators and it offers a pretty Spartan set of features. If you want a slot game that's jam packed with special features, you might be better off skipping this one, but we think it has something to offer most gamblers out there, which is why we posted this review.

A Small Number of lines

Gladiator's Gold comes with just 5 pay lines, which is a tiny amount compared to the 20, 25 or even 50 lines that some modern slots offer. What that means is that you have less lines to watch out for as the reels turn, and that prizes come in less frequently. It's common to go several spins without winning anything, and to the right gambler that's completely okay. The wins from this slot tend to be more generous when they do come in, and it's possible to win a whole lot of cash with the right amount of luck.

Fully Custom Symbols

Gladiator's Gold offers a whole set of custom symbols that relate to the Romans and the arena or coliseum as it was known as. These symbols show off things like renowned Romans, lions, weapons and more. They all help to give the game a unique sense of character and to make it more intriguing to play through. You'll find yourself getting lost in the different symbols, and the game looks really nice compared to all the slots that rely on stock card symbols along with just a couple of unique symbols.

A Solid Jackpot

If you get lucky while playing Gladiator's Gold, you could still win a huge amount of money. That's because you can win as much as $100,000 or 10,000 coins from a single spin. That's a lot of potential cash, and it's a prize that you are guaranteed if you are lucky enough to get the right symbols. There are no decisions to make and no special features hiding the top jackpot amount.

Few Features

Gladiator's Gold isn't a slot that's designed with features in mind. It's made to be simple and straightforward. If that sounds like a game type that you'll enjoy this slot could be a good option. Simple means that this slot does not come equipped with wilds. It doesn't come with scatters, it has no bonus rounds and you pretty much always know why you won a prize when the reels turn. You'll have a good understanding of the slot the entire time that you play it, and that means that you can really enjoy what the game has to offer fully.

There are plenty of complex online slot games for you to try out if you like. Many of them have cool bonus rounds, lots of tough decisions to make, and more pay lines than you can keep track of. These games are known for paying out frequently, but they don't offer the same relaxing experience that Gladiator's Gold does. This slot is simple, it's easy to pick up, it's straight to the point, and it offers the chance to win big anyway. It's perfect for the right type of gambler.