Fruit Slots Slots

WGS Technoligies is a leading in the world of online slot gaming. They offer a wide range of slot games to the world of video slot gaming. Formerly known as Vegas Technology, WGS Technology is on the e-gaming scene with a number of new casinos with exclusive slot machines.

With Fruit Slots they break it down the basics. Fruit slots has quickly become a favorite video slot among the experienced player and a great starting point to the novice player. With a classic slot feel and simple and easy to use format it will also quickly become your favorite goto video slot game.

Part of Your Daily Diet: Fruit Slots

Fruit Slots is themed obviously by the use of fruit as the symbols is the game. This brings a classic traditional feel to this game. Fruits symbols and Bar symbols are a throwback to the classic vegas slots of old. Symbols include cherries, bananas, grapes, kiwi, lemons, oranges and the classic black Bar symbol.

This 3 reel, one payline format makes for easy game play. The layout is simplistic and clear with the reels on the top left of the screen. The paytable is clearly layout and featured on the whole right side of the screen to help you keep up with your game play. Your bet and win totals are on the bottom left. Near the bottom of the screen is the button console that features you +/- 25 cent adjustment, Autoplay, Bet One, Bet Max, Spin and the Spin Stop controls.

With this classic format features one payline. This keeps it simple and easy to keep up with. It has coin value size of $.01 to a $10 coin. You can bet the Maximum of three coins on your payline. Which makes your max bet $30 per spin. In total, there are twelve winning combinations. Though a straight foward game the total payout can be a whopping 2500 coins.

Keep it Simple: Fruit Slots

This a a fun, easy video slot game developed by WGS Technology. With good graphics and well designed sound and audio effects, Fruit Slots will keep you captured within the video slot game of Fruit and winnings. Though Fruit Slots does not feature many of the the features you see so often in video slots like wilds, scatters bonus rounds, free spins and so on, it keeps it simple, fast and entertaining.