Fat Cat Slots

Fat Cat slot is an online video slot that’s all about a rich cat living the dream. He’s a wealthy millionaire and it’s up to you to try and separate him from some of his cash. While playing this slot you’ll see a bunch of symbols that all relate to living large and having cash, all except the beautiful Kitty Cat symbol. This online slot is fun, has a cool theme and is interesting enough to test out. Read on for our full review.

Setting a Wager

The first step to playing Fat Cat Slots is to set up a wager amount. This can vary from as little as $0.01 to as much as $100.00 depending on the options that you choose. There are 20 paylines, but they are user-selectable. That means you can have between 1 and 20 lines active. The more lines chosen, the more frequently prize payouts are likely to trigger. Once the lines are selected, players can choose a wager level for every line of between $0.01 and $5.00. The higher wagers pay out larger prizes so choose carefully.

Big Wins

Fat Cat comes with quite a few symbols that are worth serious cash, but only luck will leave you with a decent win. The top symbol is the Fat Cat wild that not only subs in for most other symbols, but also pays out a whopping 5,000 coins with enough luck on your side. This powerful symbol needs to be found in groups of five in order to pay out the top fixed jackpot worth as much as $25,000. The next best payout in Fat Cat is the Kitty Cat symbol. When you get five of her symbols on the reels you’ll receive a 2,000 coin payout worth up to $10,000. From there prizes dip down quickly with a 1,000 coin payout for a four of a kind with the Fat Cat symbols, and all the rest of the payouts in the hundreds of coins.

Using Auto Spins

Fat Cat slots comes with the auto spin feature, and any long-term gamblers will likely use the feature now and then. Choose from as few as 10 to 20 auto spins, or turn the game up to hundreds of spins that will go through automatically. If you want the game to stop after a decent win you can set the feature to turn off after certain jackpot payouts as well.

The Money Bag Bonus

Get three or more dollar sign symbols and you get to enter the bonus game where it’s your duty to rob the Fat Cat blind and take as much as cash home with you as you can. There are eight money bags in total in this bonus game, and it’s up to you to open them all up. There is no way to lose this bonus game, instead you get all the cash that you find in each of the bags. This setup makes the bonus game very enjoyable and there is no stress involved since you can’t make a bad decision with the game.

Fat Cat slot is a nice to look at online slot game, though it’s a bit dated today. It offers decent payouts and enough features to keep things interesting and dynamic. If you want a good solid slot game to test out, this one is worth a look or two.