Farming Futures Slots

Farming Futures is a very interesting online slot game for a few different reasons. It’s unique proportions are what drew us into the game initially, but it’s the way that the game plays that made us want to do a review on this slot. Keep reading to find out whether or not this interesting farm-themed slot game is worth trying out, or if you should move on to a different option instead.

Unique Reel Design

Farming Futures is a bit unique from the very glance that you get of it. That’s because this slot has a total of 7 reels from right to left. That makes this slot look absolutely massive, and there are a whole lot of different symbols coming down on the reels for that very reason. It also means that it’s possible to get bigger symbol combinations than what is possible on a standard 5-reel video slot, which makes for some interesting gameplay.

A Smaller Wager Range

Farming Futures has a smaller wager range than some of the more modern slot games that you’ll play today. This slot has just 9 paylines, and over those paylines you can wager between $0.01 and $10.00. That means that the effective wager range is $0.01 to $90.00. That’s still a decent range to work with for most gamblers, but some players are going to be disappointed with the upper end of that range. With some slots making it possible to wager hundreds of dollars per spin, $90 is a bit lower.

Dated Graphics

From the moment that we started playing Farming Futures we were impressed by just how dated the graphics of the game look. Most of the symbols look like older cartoons and the game itself just isn’t that impressive to look at. Looks aren’t everything, but this game doesn’t impress at all. In that regard.

Smaller Wins

Though Farming Futures has a decent number of features, the payouts from this slot game are relatively low. It’s possible to win as much as 2,500 coins if you can get seven of the Farmer symbols. The horse is next and is worth 1,000 coins. The duck comes after at 500 coins and finally you have the cow for 100, the ram for 75 and the pig for 50. No matter which one of these symbols you manage to unlock, you aren’t getting a huge prize payout compared to some of the other slot games that you’ll see online.

No Features

The most interesting thing of all about Farming Futures is that the slot doesn’t really have any features at all. Instead, it plays like a standard classic slot game. You spin the reels and hope to get one of the different payouts offered. There are no wilds, scatters, bonus rounds or anything else. For gamblers looking for something really simple, this is a unique slot to get that experience from.

Farming Futures isn’t that great of a slot game in our opinion. It’s a bit dull, the graphics are dated looking, the prizes are low and there isn’t anything going on. If you are looking for a simple classic slot experience, this game isn’t too bad for that purpose. That’s the only way we can recommend it though and it’s not that great of an all-around slot overall.