California Gold Slots

California Gold Slots
California Gold is an online slot game that’s based around gold mining and the excitement that the activity brings. The moment we looked at this slot we were impressed with the original graphics that it offers, but California Gold has more than good artwork to offer. This game is a top notch online slot for the people that can really appreciate it. Take some time to get to know this slot game to see if it’s right for you with our complete online review of the game down below.

Fully Original Symbols

It’s nice to see that there aren’t any generic symbols at all in California Gold, a top quality online slot game. Instead you’ll see treasure maps, the crazy prospector, gold nuggets, dynamite, a pack mule, a mine shaft, an old style lantern and more symbols that relate to mining specifically. The whole slot game is set to a pretty cheery backdrop with running streams, mountains and barrels of gunpowder ready to blast through solid stone to get you to your gold as soon as possible.

Excellent Bet Options

California Gold has 25 paylines, and they give you a lot of room to work with when trying to define your bet amount. It’s possible to place a small wager or a large one depending on what you want to do. Brave gamblers are free to bet big and they can wager up to $250 per spin with a $10 wager on each of the 25 lines that this slot has to offer. The more conservative gamblers are free to bet as little as $0.01 per line, and they can bet as many or as few lines as they like, making the minimum just $0.01 per spin.

Decent Fixed Jackpots

California Gold isn’t the best slot in the world when it comes to fixed jackpots during the standard rounds of the game. If you aren’t using the wild symbol, the highest you can win is a 5,000 jackpot with five of the miner symbols. From there things drop down quickly with the next biggest win a pretty modest 500 coins and then down to 200 coins from there.

Win Bigger with Wilds and Free Spins

Even though the fixed jackpot of this slot is pretty tame, things get more interesting when you factor in the free spin round and the wild symbol in this slot game. The wild is the crazy prospector symbol and he will double any prize that he’s part of, making the fixed jackpot worth as much as 10,000 coins or up to $100,000 with a top wager. That’s not all though, things get even better with the free spin round.

Getting three or more of the gold nugget scatter symbols is all it takes to unlock the free spin round of California Gold. Do that and you’ll have 10 free spins to go through to try and win some better jackpot payouts. The nice thing is that any payouts that you win during your free spins will be tripled in size. That’s a whole lot of cash at stake for you to try for. That means the maximum amount you can win from a fixed jackpot payout from this slot game is 30,000 coins, or as much as $300,000 if you’re lucky enough to get four miners and the wild during a free spin round. Sure the odds aren’t good that you’ll do that, but that’s a potentially huge payout that you won’t see in many other online slot games today.

Overall, California Gold is a very entertaining online slot game that’s worth trying out at least once. From the moment that you get started playing you’ll enjoy the graphics of the game, and with a bit of luck you could win a really generous prize payout as well.