Atomic Jackpot Slots

Atomic Jackpot Slots
To some gamblers there’s nothing like a simple classic slot game to pass the time. Classic slots aren’t loved for being complex or for offering huge payouts. They’re favored because they are simple and enjoyable and something that you can pick up and start playing with full understanding in just seconds. Atomic Jackpot slot offers all of those things and it’s a good experience for those reasons.

A Simple Slot

Atomic Jackpot slots is a basic gambling experience with just a single symbol to watch out for and only one line to monitor. It couldn’t be easier to understand and there’s a lot of potential money on the line as well, which keeps things interesting. Gamblers that don’t like lots of flashy features and lots of decisions that need making, will enjoy Atomic Jackpot slots.

Basic Wagering

The wagering system in this slot game allows gamblers to place down between one and five coins on the only payline of the game. Choose the number of coins that you want to wager and then choose a coin value as well. There’s a pretty decent working range of gambling levels to choose from with this slot, making it friendly to low stakes and high stakes players as well. It’s possible to wager between $0.10 and $10.00 per coin, giving you a working range of $0.10 and $50.00 to bet within, which is pretty good if you ask us.

How the Wins Work

The only symbol that matters is the beaker with the electrons floating around it like an atom. This is a highly valuable symbol, and by getting it to show up on the reels you can win some serious cash. Get one of the symbols anywhere, whether on the payline or not, and receive two coins for every coin that you are wagering. Get three of the symbols on the actual payline of the game and you’ll receive a jackpot payout worth 500 coins multiplied by the number of coins that you are wagering while playing. That means you could get between 500 and 2,500 coins from the jackpot depending on the number of coins that you have wagered. With a top level wager you could take home as much as $25,000 from a jackpot payout from this slot.


For gamblers that don’t want to mess with pressing the spin button, there’s an AutoPlay button to make things a bit more convenient. To use the feature, simply press the button and pick the number of spins. The game will then start moving through the spins for you so that you don’t have to press the button yourself. It’s a simple feature, and it lets you go through a bunch of spins comfortably without remembering to press a button over and over again.

Atomic Jackpot is a nice classic slot game that follows the standard setup for a classic slot. It has just a single payline, offers limited symbols to win with and keeps things very neat and clean. From the moment that you get started with this game, you’ll know how to play it, and that’s why it’s excellent for newer gamblers.