Alien Invasion Slots

Help! Aliens are invading your home world and your responsible for fending them off. That's the kind of vibe that you get from Alien Invasion the online classic slot game. It's a game that looks to be designed for the gambler that likes aliens, space and creatures of that sort. The slot itself is really nice looking though the symbols are a bit cartoony. You'll have to read on to get into the actual features of this slot game though, so keep reading to learn why some enjoy this slot.

The Laser Gun Multiplier

The laser gun symbol is the wild in this online slot game and it's also a powerful multiplier and a key to the game's jackpot. A single laser will multiply any win that you get by 2. Getting two laser gun symbols and another paying symbol will leave you with four times the prize value. Getting three laser gun symbols is best of all and will unlock the jackpot payout for this classic slot game. Getting three of these symbols will give you a minimum of 500 coins and as much as 2,000 coins if you wagered three coins on the payline.

Unique Alien Symbols

Most classic slot games today recycle the same old symbols, while maybe throwing in a couple unique options. That's not how Alien Invasion works though. This slot game has a whole host of exciting and colorful symbols. Each of the symbols fits with the cool space theme of the game and they are more exciting than the standard classic slot BAR and 7 symbols you are probably used to.

A Powerful Autoplay Feature

Alien Invasion also comes with a potent autoplay feature that makes online gambling more enjoyable for players that don't want to have to keep pressing spin over and over again. Players can set the game to turn through the reels a minimum of 5 times and a maximum of 500 times. This keeps things moving and makes it easier than ever to win some pretty nice prizes. There's also a delay option between spins, giving you time to see any winnings that you've unlocked with each round.

Alien Invasion is a cool online classic slot game with a unique look that will appeal to plenty of gamblers. If you like the way that this slot looks, it's probably worth testing out. The wild multipliers are a cool feature that comes with the slot, but the game is still simple to play and most gamblers will understand how it works the moment they try it out.