Vampire Vixen Slots

Vampire Vixen is an online slot game themed after a female vampire. In keeping with the theme of the game there are a few different female vampire symbols on the reels, as well as a haunted house, vials of blood, a male victim and wolf symbols. The slot game isn’t overly impressive looking, but we were still intrigued enough by the theme of the game to give it a try and to put together a full review of our experience with the game. Down below is our results from that.

A High or Low Bet Level

Vampire Vixen is good for all the high rollers out there because it has a maximum wager size of $250 per spin, which is more than most players will want to bet on a single spin. Low stakes gamblers have nothing to worry about from this slot game either though, and they can enjoy playing at more comfortable levels to them with a minimum wager of just $0.01 to start off at and work up from. It’s simple to choose a bet amount that fits for most gamblers with Vampire Vixen, and that’s something that we really like about the slot game.

Watch for the Vixen

Unsurprisingly, the Vampire Vixen symbol is the most valuable of all in this online slot game offering up to 4,000 coins if you manage to get five of them in a row. This is the slot game’s fixed jackpot, and the symbol also serves as a wild, letting you unlock more prize payouts more frequently than you otherwise could.

A Generic Look

While we were impressed by the features of Vampire Vixen, we weren’t really impressed with the look of the slot game. It has a very generic look to it that doesn’t make things all that interesting for gamblers trying it out. Most of the symbols that show on the reels are card symbols that you see in every other slot, but the few unique symbols that do show are pretty old fashioned looking and not that exciting overall. While we didn’t hate the look of this slot, we weren’t impressed either.

Seriously Good Free Spins

The Haunted House symbol serves as the scatter in Vampire Vixen, and can help you unlock the game’s free spin round as well. Get three or more of these symbols and you’ll be looking at 15 free spins. During these 15 spins any win that you manage to get is doubled in size, but that’s not the only benefit that you’ll enjoy from this slot game. During the game you’ll also have a chance to choose one symbol to erase, and in place of that symbol you’ll get more wilds. Keep an eye on the different symbols that pop up while you play Vampire Vixen, and replace the one that you see most frequently for best results.

Vampire Vixen is a full-featured online slot game with a very nice free spin round. The wild symbol offers a decent payout during the standard rounds of the game, there is a good selection of bet limits to choose from to keep things interesting with a sufficient level of risk the entire time, and there are some nice sized payouts to be won as well. With that said, the game looks a bit dated, so if looks are incredibly important to you, you may want to look for a different slot game instead.