Pay Day Slots

Pay Day Slots
Payday is a classic slot game that can be found online today and offers gamblers with quite a few different options to make use of. The game itself has a very simple theme to it and isn’t all that exciting at all, but it does offer some exciting jackpot payouts that make it worth considering. We do a full review of this slot and explain the good and bad about it down below.

Betting Options

Payday slot has a single payline that you can wager between one and three coins on. Coin values can be turned up or down from $0.01 to $10.00 each, letting you wager a minimum of $0.01 and a maximum of $30.00 per spin while playing the slot game. With that sort of wager you can win the biggest prizes from the slot game, and it still doesn’t cost that much to play compared to some of the maximum wagers for other online slot games.

Decent Top Wins

Players that get lucky enough to get three of the Pay Day symbols will trigger the top paying fixed jackpot of the slot game with a very nice 2,500 coin payout at the most. They can qualify for that jackpot payout by having three coins wagered when it hits, and the prize could be worth as much as $25,000 for gamblers wagering the maximum amount while playing. That’s a good amount of cash for a relatively low maximum wager, and it’s something that most gamblers will look forward to while playing.

Minimal Symbols Win

It’s possible to win a pretty consistently while playing Payday because you can win on just a single red 7 when spinning reels. Red 7’s pop up regularly and will reward you with smaller payouts as you go along. There are plenty of other paying combinations to be aware of as well, but the single symbol payouts are some of the best that you can make use of while playing the slot game.

Multiplier Wilds

The highest paying symbol in Payday is also the wild and a powerful tool for winning big. Even if you can’t get three of these symbols together to unlock the jackpot payout, you can still manage to get some decent wins from the slot by pairing the symbols with others. These wilds apply a 2x multiplier to other symbols when they help complete prizes. That multiplier stacks as well so it’s possible to get a 4x multiplier with two wilds put together and another symbol.

Payday has a few interesting elements that makes it more worthwhile to play. The slot offers multiplier wilds and a pretty solid top jackpot for you to unlock while playing. It doesn’t offer very much in terms of graphics, but the slot is still worth testing out for the features that it does have.