Holiday Feast Slots

Whether Thanksgiving time is approaching, or you just want to sit down and play a fun cartoon-themed slot game, there’s a lot to like about Holiday Feast the classic slot game. This simple slot experience looks nice on the surface, with a theme based around Thanksgiving. There is a Pilgrim’s hat, a turkey, autumn leaves and the more standard symbols that you would expect from a classic slot game, like the BAR symbol. Classic slot gamblers will probably like what this game has to offer, but you should read through the review just to be sure.


You have three coins to work with while wagering on Holiday Feast. It’s possible to bet between one and three coins on the only payline of this slot game. Those coin values can be adjusted from low to high to help you choose a wager that you are comfortable with and that’s going to help you win as much as possible. Wagers can be set all the way up to $30 per spin, creating some opportunities to win big.

Winning Big

The Pilgrim hat is the wild in this slot game and it pays out nicely if you get enough of them. The payout for three of these hats is 800 coins per coin wagered, up to a maximum of 2,400 coins. That’s worth up to $24,000 with a maximum wager of $10 for all three coins in this slot. That’s a decent payout, but there are some other decent wins to win as well. The hat symbol doubles any prizes that it’s part of, and it will quadruple prizes if you get two of the symbols at the same time. The next best payout available from this slot game is 960 coins if you get two wilds and a leaf symbol while wagering three coins at the same time. After that comes the triple BAR symbols that are worth as much as 480 coins when paired with two wild symbols on a three coin wager.

Triggering the Bonus Game

This slot game features a pretty simple select a symbol bonus game. You just pick one of the available options and try and win as much money as you can from the game. It’s easy to unlock the bonus game, you just need to get the Turkey bonus symbol and have at least two coins wagered when playing the game. That’s why we highly recommend betting a minimum of two coins while playing this slot game.

Holiday Feast is a fun and cartoony slot game that’s a good way to celebrate Thanksgiving and what most people know about the holiday. The slot itself is pretty simple and relaxing, but it has a few cool features that help separate it from the standard classic slot games that most people play.