Butterflies Slots

Butterflies Slots
Butterflies is an online video slot game themed after butterflies. It shows off a beautiful meadow with a bright blue sky and offers gamblers a large selection of symbols that all follow the theme of the game. There are a few different types of butterflies, as well as a caterpillar symbol for you to look for as you go through the rounds of the game. We took the time to try this slot game out and thoroughly reviewed about our experience below.

Wagering is Important

Since there isn’t a lot going on in this slot game it’s important that you set your wager properly, because it’s the only decision you have to make while playing other than the gamble feature. There are 20 pay lines and you can turn on as many or as few of the lines as you like. The lines can have their values set as well. You choose the coin value to do this, and can turn it from $0.01 to $5.00. With the value on low you can bet just $0.01 per spin, with it all the way up you could risk as much as $100.00 per spin. The amount that you gamble with is up to you.

Decent Payouts

Other than the wild, the symbols you really want to look out for are the Blue and Green butterflies. These symbols pay very well if you manage to get five of them across one of the paylines. The blue butterfly is worth a whopping 7,000 coins when you get five of them, and the green butterfly is worth 3,000 coins if you can put five of them together. Either one of the symbols makes the game worthwhile, and you could walk away with a pretty significant payout if you manage to get one of these high paying symbols while placing a larger wager.

A Powerful Expanding Wild

While Butterflies isn’t rich with features, it does have a very powerful one that can help players win plenty of cash with a bit of luck. The butterfly symbol is the wild of this slot game, and it only appears on reel one. If the wild shows up on reel one it begins glowing and will flutter across the screen touching random symbols. All those random symbols will be transformed into wilds as well, giving you some excellent combo chances. This feature is very powerful and it triggers more often than you would expect it to.

Gambling Your Wins

If you win a particularly big prize and you want to make even more out of it, you can do so with the Gamble button. This button can be used after any win, and it will give you a chance to double your winnings. Simply press the button after a win and you’ll have to choose one of the available cards. Choose right and you win more, choose wrong and you lose it all.

Butterflies is a cool online slot game with minimal features overall. It doesn’t have much to watch for other than the wild symbol, but you can still win big if you manage to get one of the two high paying butterflies as you play. This game is worth a play through or two if you like the looks of it, but some players will find it to be a bit dull over time.